Organizing your laundry room can sometimes seem like an uphill struggle since it is a room in daily use but it needn’t be. With the following handy tips and tricks, you’ll find ways to organize your laundry room to make better use of the space and make it much easier to use in the long run.


I bet this was the last thing you were expecting to see on a guide for laundry room storage, right? Really, you should invest in a bookcase because the shelves are perfect for storing detergent boxes, liquids, and storage dividers so they are within easy reach but kept safe from accidental spillages through the enclosed sides. Instead of your laundry room looking cluttered and a resultant eyesore, a well-positioned bookshelf helps you keep your laundry room neat, tidy, and clean. It’s also a great idea to use multiple baskets on the bookshelf as you’ll see in a second.


Baskets are an essential item when you come to organize your laundry room because they help you keep underwear, pegs, and other items together yet isolated from one another. Baskets also help save shelving space or making the laundry room look cluttered. You can even keep laundry detergents in baskets when there’s more than one person using the laundry room (if you live in shared accommodation, for example) so as to avoid the accidental usage of something that is not yours.

Multiple Bag Hamper

Multiple bag hampers are a winner on many fronts when it comes to organizing a laundry room. From dividing colored garments to garment type, they keep your laundry neatly tucked away and can even be used to sort your fresh laundry so it’s easier to put away when you come to the closet. Most multiple bag hampers are quite narrow so they don’t take up much space and usually fit beneath countertops or down the side of your laundry machine to keep them out of the way and the floor space clear.

Peg Boards

When you come to organize your laundry room, a peg board is brilliant for increasing storage. You can hang up brooms, ironing boards, and other utility items to make good use of the room space and, what’s more, they can even be used as a wall-mounted drying rack for garments that can’t go in a tumble dryer, though it’s recommended you go with a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted drying rack for that.

Closet Laundry

If you have a closet in your home, try turning that into a closet laundry room instead of using the kitchen. It reduces overall foot traffic in the area, giving room for the purpose of eating and meal preparation, and keeps the mess to a minimum. To arrange a closet laundry room, just follow these tips and you’ll have it set up in no time.

These handy tips will help you organize storage in your laundry room, making it easier to access and use, and the best thing is: these adaptations are inexpensive and easy to achieve.