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A home can never have enough storage. And it is hardly ever organized properly when it has not been custom designed. One of the biggest complaints heard by any real estate professional around the world is about the small spaces for storage in almost every house. It is rare to come across a new home or condo that has the perfect places for all the things that people need to store unless the home has been recently remodeled with these particular places and spaces in mind. And those are few and far between.

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Custom Closets In Phoenix, AZ

If you are lucky enough to come across such a place, it has been designed and organized according to someone else’s home storage needs. And as we all know, every person has different or unique storage requirements depending on: types of job, recreation, hobbies, lifestyle, number of family members, region and climate of home location, experience, size and shape of the wall spaces, and many more factors. When you desire to have a well-organized, clutter-free design for all the important storage solutions in your home from the kitchen to bath to bedroom closet, choosing Closets Phoenix can offer you the perfect home storage solution at the right price.

Closets Phoenix is owned by DEA Remodeling and is an Arizona Closets and kitchen specialty design company located in Gilbert, AZ just southeast of Phoenix. As a family-owned and operated business, we have been serving the Phoenix Arizona area for over 30 years, designing, building, and installing a gorgeous kitchen, bath, closet, and home storage solutions using the most professional designs in cabinetry, finishes, floors, hardware, and more. Our design and installation process is both affordable and ingenious to help you reorganize and redecorate your home and life. Our free in-home estimates and design consultation will help us recommend the right styles, shapes, and accessories for all the storage spaces in your home or office.

Closet Design

One of the first things that people list as a priority when buying or renting a new home is having “lots and lots of extra storage”. At a time when the cost of square footage is at an all-time high, custom closets should be maximized to provide solutions for the family desiring extra storage space to hold everything from keepsakes to clothes. In order to cut down on clutter and cramming in every corner of closets, we highly recommend that everything from medium-sized to larger spaces can really benefit from some organization with specialized closets design.

An Excellent custom closet begins with the perfect design consultation, in the area to be transformed. Every person has different reasons for needing more organization and therefore needs to be heard from as to all the things that are priorities for the storage area in any given design. There are ways to makeover closets to be unique, with areas sized especially to accommodate the style and types of shoes, suits, dresses, ties, hats, and coats that will live in that space. From places for underwear to outerwear, every detail about the contents of the closets can be assessed to help with building the perfect design for your closet. Our company will meet you for a design consultation in your home to get a feel for your needs, and what we can recommend to help you have the best experience from this project.

Being organized can help you save time by making things easier to find. Knowing where things are can help your mind to feel clearer as your closet is likewise clear of clutter. Having a gorgeous closet design can make you feel pampered like you are getting ready in your own, private dressing suite. And studies have proven that having beautifully designed closet spaces throughout a home can add to both its marketability and its resale value. When you invest in the perfect closet design for your bedroom, kitchen, hall, laundry room, home office, walk in closet, or garage areas, you will benefit by organizing your myriads of storage items, and also set yourself up for future benefit when you resell your Arizona home.

Closet Remodeling

Very few homes, condos, or apartments ever have enough closets or storage space. Whether your home is upsized or downsized according to the market, the area, the current trends, or your taste and preferences, remodeling custom closets is one of the fastest ways to get more out of your home square footage. Adding bins, baskets, boxes, and a few DIY shelves can make your bedroom closet feel even more cluttered and chaotic. 

You can trip over strangely shaped containers of all kinds, while you pile smaller boxes on top of bigger ones overflowing with clothes, shoes, grooming products, keepsakes, dressers, and cleaning supplies. When you finally are looking for something special like the right sized belt, tie, or sewing kit or office supply, you can never really know which box to look in first. And you might also have to reorganize your Phoenix AZ closets every time you get fed up with it, which is a real time-waster.

When you finally decide to remodel with a beautiful, custom Closet in Phoenix AZ, we will visit with you in the space to determine the best way to handle a remodel. Closets Phoenix will perfectly assess and measure not only space itself, your storage items to be housed there as well. Suits, dresses, boots, and more all require a certain number of inches on average, so by looking at the things you wear, the things you buy, and the things you store, Closets Phoenix can measure down to the smallest inch how much space you will require to truly transform your closet into efficient use of your valuable square footage.

Closet Organizers

Closet Organizers

There are so many ways to improve a custom closet with a new design or remodel. And the number of types of organization tools can be just as exciting to choose for each and every design. Depending on the size and shape of your closet, Closets Phoenix (DEA Remodeling) can highly recommend the best use of the space using myriad organizers to form great designer closets.

From hanging areas to drawers, shelves, and hutches, your closets will have so many easy places in which to organize your hanging clothes, folding clothes, socks and undergarments, hats, coats, and personal things such as an electronic drawer or safekeeping for jewelry and documents. A sitting area can be added with a place to put on your shoes. A mirror can be added to space. And storage areas can go as high as the ceiling and down to the ground, with a nook and cranny for all your storage items from purses and bags to boots and pumps.

You’d be amazed at what kind of great extra home organization space you’ll have when Closets Phoenix has finished it’s work and added closet organizers into your design. And they are available in almost any kind of shape, style, color, and type of furniture quality components. From cedar to melamine, with hardware of any colors or kind, your closet will look and function exactly as you imagine when you choose DEA to design and install your closet organizers. Our closets are not only functional but also quite affordable to fit any size space and budget.

Closet Accessories

Closets Phoenix can suggest and install so many types of closets and accessories for clients valley wide to create a design suitable for anything that you need to organize and store. From shoe shelves to tie racks, belt hangers to hat racks, Closets Phoenix can design a unique solution that is just right for the customer and their precious things. Our hutches, drawers, laundry hampers, clothes rods, and a full line of accessories for closets can bring a clutter-free life and a calm mind to you and your family members. From hooks to hangers, racks to shelves, cabinets to drawer sections, DEA can help reduce the clutter so you will love your storage process. 

Our closet accessories are not just functional, they are well designed, well built, and of the highest quality materials and hardware. If you can imagine it, our team has done it. And Closets Phoenix also has many tried and true designs and plans for you to look at before we even begin arranging closet accessories for your custom design. At Closets Phoenix, your closets become our inspiration as we work to create a unique organization for your home. 

Closet Systems

Closet Systems

A custom closet can include a huge range of styles and shapes to accommodate any closet space. For everything ranging from a walk in closets, alley-style closet, wardrobe style closet, master closet, small box closet, or other home storage there are ways to maximize your project to include everything you would want to house in it. Using combination systems our team will work to put together, Closets Phoenix will uniquely work with all kinds of pieces of shelving, shoe racks, dressers and drawers, laundry hampers, jewelry organizers, hat racks, and clothes rods to design something perfect for you and your space.

Maybe you live in the city and for your job, you wear a ton of hanging suits or dresses so you need extra clothes rods. Or perhaps you live in the country on a farm so you need way more tall boot storage and dress shoe shelves. Maybe you need a lot of storage for your laundry or mudroom. Or perhaps you really need extra help for your bath or walk in closets. Our closet systems are designed and installed specifically for our clients by a professional service who will work hard so you will always be able to experience the right solutions for your belongings.

Closet Storage

Every room could benefit from a little extra storage. The kitchen never seems to have enough draws deep enough for specially shaped kitchen spoons. The cabinets never seem to have the right width, depth, or height for everything from tall wine glasses to oddly shaped or bulky accessories such as mixers, food processors, or small appliances. And the pantry is usually just a series of shelves that are never the right width or spacing apart.

The bedroom or hall closets in any Arizona home or condo is usually just a rod spanning the entire width of the room for hanging clothes. Bathroom storage usually includes just one vanity with a couple of drawers of maybe one upper cabinet for toothpaste and medicines. It’s no wonder that most people find themselves stuffing extra items into boxes, bins, baskets, over the counter organizers into drawers and closets to find some semblance of organization in the closets chaos.

Imagine the feeling if everything you own has its own proper place and space. Your office has the perfect place for your coats, hats, and desk items. Your garage has the right size shelves for your keepsakes and mementos. The cupboards have perfectly sized spaces for all the house-cleaning supplies. And the tool closets have just the right sized shelves and standup places for car parts and accessories. Closets Phoenix will ensure that your belongings have the right place and space.

Closet Storage

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