It is truly a wonderful feeling to enter your closet and see its entire contents neatly organized. You’ll be utterly amazed to find everything you need quickly and hassle-free. Even more gratifying is knowing you won’t get slammed in the head by a falling purse or trip over a pair of clunky sandals. Walking into a civilized closet can literally change your life, boost your mood, and avoid many wasted hours of tracking down misplaced items!

Plan Ahead

The best closet storage ideas start with careful planning. The most common mistake is to stock up on organizers, bins, hooks, etc. before you sort through the contents of your closet. You must zero in on the most suitable organizers for each type of clothing and accessories. Once you’ve looked through your stuff and donated or recycled unwanted items, you are ready to start. Organizing all of your items by category is the first step. From there, you’ll be able to transform your closet to meet your unique needs and style. By focusing on buying only the organizational items that match your specific needs, you’ll save lots of time and money. You might even own some useful items that you can repurpose as organizing tools.

A Fun and Creative Project

Revamping your closet can be a fun, creative project, and you’ll definitely enjoy the end result if you plan and shop carefully. Make sure to group like items together, find the best and most convenient location, and experiment with the most efficient storage method such as drawers, shelves, hangers, hooks, cubbies, etc.

Steps for Success

  1. Make every inch of your closet work for you by adding hooks and installing high shelves for rarely used items. Experiment with different layouts to maximize your space.
  2. The inside of the closet door can accommodate an organizer for shoes, scarves, belts, or jewelry.
  3. Store out-of-season clothing in labeled boxes on high shelves to make room for seasonal clothing.
  4. Space-saver vacuum storage bags minimize the room needed for bulky out-of-season clothes.
  5. Prioritize items by frequency of use. Your daily work outfits should be placed toward the front while rarely-used special occasion dresses should be located in the back.
  6. Choose a theme for your closet which suits your taste. By coordinating colors, patterns, types of storage pieces, etc., your closet will look neat and organized. It will also feel soothing and calming instead of chaotic. Having an inviting space will give you more of an incentive to maintain it.
  7. Be creative by using pretty shower hooks to hold belts or purses; try attractive matching photo storage boxes to hold bras, panties, gloves, etc. Consistent colors or patterns for bins, baskets and other organizers will enhance the overall look of your closet.
  8. Turn your jewelry collection into a beautiful art display by hanging items on hooks within an ornate gold frame or by using a pretty jewelry organizer.
  9. Try using double rods to create extra hanging space, along with slim black velvet hangers throughout the closet to save space and create an upscale, luxurious look.
  10. Splurge on a beautiful crystal pendant chandelier, pretty wallpaper, a photo collage, a pretty piece of art, a poufy ottoman, or another luxe item as a finishing touch.

Hope these ideas inspire you to revamp your closet into an efficient, well-organized and inviting space!