Don’t you just hate cluttered kitchen cabinets? Trying to find that one item or one ingredient while everything else just seems to keep falling out at you. Let’s have a look at ways to fix that! Here are 10 steps to get your kitchen cabinets in shape:

10 Steps To Organize Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Have a clear out: Throw out anything you do not use. Go through all of your food, especially your dry storage foods, you’ll be surprised how much is out of date.
  2. Clean up: Give all of your kitchen cabinets a good scrub. They’ll be so much easier to organize once they are clean.
  3. Invest in organizers: Invest in some tools to keep your cabinets organized. I recommend glass jars to put open food packages in, pan lid holders to make them easier to take out, even hooks for the insides of cabinet doors to provide more storage.
  4. Organize by weight: All of your heaviest items should be at the bottom. This will make it much easier for you to take them out and put them away again.
  5. Use labels: This step is especially useful if you’re decanting all of your open food as we recommend in step 3. If you’re unsure what something is, the likelihood is that it will just sit in your kitchen cabinet for the next few years collecting dust.
  6. Keep cleaning supplies separate but close: Keep your cleaning supplies separate from all of your food and cooking items but close enough that you can wipe up a spill or sweep up crumbs at a moments notice.
  7. Use a rotating spice rack: Spices can really get in the way but they are so necessary for our cooking everyday. A rotating spice rack keeps all of your spices nicely contained and easily accessible.
  8. Keep your trash can close: Make sure your trash can is within close proximity so no one is tempted to leave out anything that should be thrown away.
  9. Deep clean twice a year: It sounds like a big job but if you do it twice per year it will ensure it doesn’t get to the point of it being a massive undertaking.
  10. Do a “close down” everyday: This usually takes 5 minutes before I go to bed and it’s become such a part of my routine that I don’t even think about it anymore. Before you go to sleep every night, just spend a few minutes to make sure everything is put away in place and everything is cleaned up and wiped down.

I hope these tips help you to organize your kitchen cabinets and make your home feel a little less stressful, Having a clean organized area really helps to keep a balance and flow in a home. You can use these tips for other areas of the home as well! Why not try these tips in your bathroom or in your closet! The main point is that you have a kitchen that you enjoy spending time in and know where everything is.