The Arizona Science Center is the premier science museum of Phoenix. The Science Center is located in Heritage and Science Park in the center of downtown Phoenix and is home to over 350 permanent interactive exhibits. The Arizona Science Center is architecturally interesting. The shape and colors of the building are exciting and welcoming.

A visit to the science center is perfect for a family day trip. There are interactive displays for all ages and interests including a large-scale T-Rex as part of the dinosaur exhibit. You will also find a state of the art theater inside the center for visitors to view educational films. The center features a planetarium for those visitors interested in outer space as well as lots of education programs, making it an excellent place for children and adults to learn more about science. Your children can even attend Camp Innovation where they can learn to innovate through hands-on experiences with their counselors.

Your experience at the Arizona Science Center is catered uniquely to your interests as each of the exhibits requires a ticket for that attraction. Alternatively, you can purchase a self-guided ticket for you to experience the center on your own. There are also some exciting non-permanent programs and exhibits that you will want to plan your visit around.  There is something for everyone at the Science Center.

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