The most important thing in a kitchen is that it should be functional. A well-structured workspace and storage are the necessary features that can be incorporated into any kitchen. Budget and space is not a hindrance in creating a productive area where you can prepare and cook food for your family. Here are the designs that you can consider for your budget-friendly kitchen project.

1. One-Wall Kitchen

It is a preferred design for small kitchen spaces. This layout will prevent the wasteful overuse of floor space and can save you huge money on construction expenses at the same time. A one-wall kitchen will have your sink, cabinets, appliances, range, hoods, and countertops compacted in that linear wall. Building this type of kitchen is pretty easy considering that you will be only working in a small space. With careful planning, you will be able to have a functional kitchen that is within your budget. One of the most expensive costs in building a kitchen comes from plumbing and electric works that you need to get done. Having your water and electric source compacted in this linear space can reduce the cost dramatically. If you also just moved to a new home and need to get the kitchen done quickly, then you can trust that this one-wall kitchen will be constructed in no time.

2. Corridor Kitchen

It is a two-walled kitchen that features a narrow aisle. With only a couple of walls positioned face to face, you will have the freedom to construct it on a budget. You can have your sink, range, and hoods on either side of the wall. There will also be ample space for your cabinets and appliances. If you prefer to have two countertops, you may do so by installing the feature on both walls. This is an efficient design that can work well in small kitchen spaces as well as for those on a budget. The corridor kitchen design will also work for those people on the go since everything is within range. One of the most common features of this design is the open shelves and cabinets. This does not only make the important kitchen items and ingredients visible but most importantly, it is an inexpensive style that can save you a lot of money.

3. Corner Kitchen

A corner kitchen is constructed with two adjoining walls that take the shape of the letter L. It is a perfect design for limited spaces and budgets. The layout of the corner kitchen can provide easy access to the household and effectively reduces traffic. Sinks, appliances, cabinets, countertops, hoods, and range can be placed in any of the two adjoining walls. It is an efficient design that is budget-friendly, visually pleasing, and highly functional. If planned correctly, you can arrange your sink, stove, and refrigerator at just about the right distance. In order to have the perfect kitchen, you need all those elements to be in close proximity. It can not be too far, otherwise, you will waste time traveling around the kitchen. A corner kitchen may not be huge, but it is enough to be efficient and beautiful without having to spend too much money.