The natural light that comes directly from the sun is the best light source that a home can have. However, not all homes are fortunate enough to enjoy this favored light source, Renovating your windows or even roof to allow natural light in can be an expensive project. Here are a few strategies that you can use to still brighten up your house even without doing some major renovations.

1. Use Light Colors

Painting your walls with dark colors can make your house appear darker. A light-colored wall can reflect light back into the entire space and make it appear brighter. The lighter the color the better because it means that more light will be reflected. If you can’t avoid dark-colored walls, you can develop a strategy to work around them. One way is to paint your ceiling white. This will brighten up the whole area below by dispersing the light that it reflects from any light source. Another strategy is through your furniture options. Choosing light-colored furniture and decor can make your house look brighter. If you can not replace your dark furniture, you may consider covering it with a removable fitted cloth or rugs in light colors.

2. Use Mirrors

Mirrors are reflective surfaces that can throw back the light into your space. These are available in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Finding a perfect mirror that will complement your interior is fairly easy. The most effective area to place your mirrors is across a window or opposite any light source. Place it in a location where it can reflect light. If you place your mirror opposite an empty wall, it will not be much effective because it will only reflect a very limited light. The larger the mirror that’s hanging in front of your window, the more that your house will brighten up.

3. Use Metal

Just like mirrors, metals can also reflect light and brighten up your home. Consider opting for metals when purchasing a new decor for your abode. These metals can be in gold, silver, copper, brass, or bronze. Many vases, lanterns, wall decor, and even planters available in the market are made of metal. There are a lot of options that will match any interiors. If you think that you’re home needs additional accents, then consider getting a metal accent so that you can add illumination to your home.

4. Use Candles

Decorative candles are not just mere ornamentation because they can also brighten up your house. Candles can be decorated in different styles including the use of candle stands and holders, lanterns, or you can place them in a mirror.

5. Use Artificial Lighting

Supplement natural light by installing artificial lighting throughout your interior. A bright house can create a huge impact on your family’s quality of life. Productivity is reduced if you’re home is dark especially at night. Installing indirect lights upward will effectively illuminate your ceiling and walls. Making use of hidden lights is also a good solution. Having lights coming from everywhere subtlety simulates the effect of natural light.