The kitchen has climbed up the hierarchy and became the cornerstone of contemporary homes. Making your kitchen look fancier and exciting is not only to impress guests but also to provide your family a tranquil place to start the day. A kitchen make-over is usually an expensive project. With these clever tricks, you can revamp the most significant area in your home to make it more attractive and sophisticated than ever without breaking the bank.

1. Cabinet Updates

Cabinets are the most visually striking feature in a kitchen that makes it the best place to showcase your style. The moment someone walks right through the culinary area, the cabinet is the first thing to be seen. It makes the cabinets the most significant feature in the kitchen and ensuring that it delivers the best statement is of utmost importance. Building new cabinets is not the only solution to achieve that sophisticated kitchen look. Updating your cabinets by painting, installing glass doors, and replacing door pull or handles will do the trick. When repainting your cabinets, choose neutral or lightly muted colors for a luxurious look.

2. Tile Backsplash

After updating your cabinets, you can then cover some parts of your kitchen walls by back-splashing them with tiles. Some prefer to simply backsplash the area behind the sink or stove. Others prefer to include the part between the counter and the cabinets. Whatever is the style of your choosing, a tile backsplash is a doable and affordable trick that can add character to this culinary space and even make it appear more expensive. For a more budget-friendly approach, you may backsplash using tile adhesive and still create an impactful point.

3. Lighting Fixture

A beautiful light fixture can instantly boost your kitchen aesthetics. The illumination it can provide can enhance all the other features in your culinary space. Adding dimmable lighting can make all the difference in setting the mood and creating that luxurious vibe into your kitchen. It also adds intimacy and sophistication, especially in entertaining guests at night. Recessed lighting can also play a significant role in providing focused illumination on the most used areas.

4. Houseplants

The plant is an important feature that can add beauty and sophistication to your kitchen. It is the most inexpensive way to breathe life into space, and it is also an excellent air purifier. Plants like jasmine, rubber plant, or peace lily can absorb kitchen odors and remove toxins in the air.

5. Scented Candles

An expensive kitchen does not only look good, but it also smells good. Complete the package and discover how scented candles can do magic in creating a more expensive atmosphere by just a strike of a match. It is so effective that even real estate agents are using this trick to entice buyers.

6. Declutter

An expensive kitchen is free from clutter and disarray. Try clearing your kitchen and rid of things that are no longer useful. Or, if you have more storage space, you may hide some appliances or other kitchen stuff for a more polished look. Nothing says expensive better than an organized kitchen.