A closet is an essential feature in a bedroom, but it is not something bestowed on everyone. Real estate appraisers do not require this feature and the reason why some brokers or agents most often bypass it in their listings. If you are among those who do not have this extra indulgence, worry no more because there are simple solutions to ease your predicament.

1. Wardrobe

It is the easiest solution to your dilemma. Purchasing a wardrobe will allow you to hung or store your clothes instantly as soon as you bring the cabinet home. There are a lot of options for you at stores that would fit your style. If you’re tight on budget, you may check if there’s a garage sale in the neighborhood where you may purchase a wardrobe at a lesser price. If not, you may visit the nearest thrift store or resell shops to avail of the biggest bargains.

2. Clothing Rack

The best thing about clothing racks is that it is very fashionable. Employ this beauty in the room, and you will not only solve your problems with storage, but you will also transform your room into a chic modern space. Depends on your storage requirement, you may get a clothing rack with several hanging levels. There are also those available with a bottom shelf where you can display your bags or shoes. Trendsetters favor these clothing racks, and it is in the hype in contemporary designs, which is a bonus.

3. Shelves

A simple shelf can go a long way in providing you that necessary space for organized storage. You may purchase one from stores, or you may also build your own. If you have an old bookcase, then you may consider using that instead. It’s a great place to organize clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories. Attaching drawers on the shelf will provide you extra space for socks, scarves, mittens, or pieces of jewelry. You may also employ baskets or boxes to keep everything neat. These shelves are great pieces where you can showcase your creativity.

4. Trunks

Trunks or chests are one of the most fabulous fixes that can add character to your space, as well as hide items that can make the room look cluttered. Try visiting an antique store to find that perfect chest that would fit your decor. You may use it to conveniently store off-season clothes, shoes, and accessories. Also, remember that space under your bed can be used to hide these chests. If you have smaller or less stylish ones, you may place them under the bed to maintain a clutter-free room.

5. Flat Bench

A flat bench is a simple solution, and you do not have to spend a dime obtaining it. It could be made of materials taken out from nature and constructed in no time. You may also select reclaimed wood as your material, and building it is pretty easy. A wide flat bench with short legs is an inexpensive piece where you can display shoes and boots. Then you will not have to worry anymore about your taller boots getting squashed.