If you have decided to design your walk-in closet but don’t even know where to start and are feeling confused, don’t worry because that’s why we are here; in this article, we will give you tips and ideas on how you can design a walk-in closet, so keep on reading to find out.

How To Design A Walk In Closet

1. Assess What Your Needs Are

Before you begin drawing up all the design options for a closet, you should consider everything you would like to store in it as well as how you wish to store all those items.

  • Do you need more hanging rooms or drawers?
  • How long do the hanging storage areas have to be?
  • Do you want to accommodate your storage for suits, long winter coats, or dresses?
  • Do you hang the slacks draped over the dowel rod or full length?
  • Do you prefer drawers or open shelving?
  • Do you hang your belts or roll them?

2. Measure A Room

The first thing you should do is to get the dimensions of a room and then draw up the floorplan. Make notes of where the windows as well as doors are located and also a location of light switches, outlets, air vents, and simply anything else on the walls, ceiling or floor.
You do not want any unwelcome surprises once you have already built everything all by yourself.

3. Create An Overall Plan And Divide Your Closet

Try dividing the custom closet design into sections and begin creating design options. You should come up with a lot of different configurations so that you may eventually choose the best one out of them all. Usually, the best option will be the one that best fits your specific needs and wishes and the one you can be the most comfortable and joyful to walk into every single day.

4. Design Every Section According To Your Taste And Requirements

Depending on the length of the specific wall, you then need to decide on the exact number of all the separate built-in sections you need to build. You should carefully think about what function every section has to perform. Depending on the requirements of you, you can choose more shelves or drawers than the hanging storage or vice versa.

Other Things To Consider

Convenience – while planning the built-ins, think about how high you are able to comfortably reach when you are deciding where to store all those items.
Cost. Adding hardware to the closet can be quite expensive. The drawers may be nice for hiding the things you are storing, however, they are often pricey and so are the drawer pulls, knobs, and door hinges. In this case, open shelving can be the best option because of the easily affordable price.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, designing a walk-in closet is not as difficult as it may initially seem when you already have an overall plan in mind and know where to start, so all you have to do now is to follow these tips and begin designing your own walk-in closet.