Throw away clothes that don’t fit:

It is very easy to keep items that we no longer use. Especially if we don’t fit them anymore or the ones that we feel went out of style. The first step to clear out closet space is to get rid of clothes that you haven’t used in years or don’t fit anymore. Some people keep clothes that are smaller to inspire them to drop some pounds, but the truth is that those clothes don’t fit you right now. If you want to begin maximizing your space, then you need to get rid of the excess clothes. You don’t have to throw them away. Just store them somewhere else so that you can bring them back when you fit them again. Also, try and get rid of any clothing that has tears, unless if that’s how the clothing is made.

Add a light:

This one doesn’t actually maximize your space in your closet but makes it seem like you have more space. If you have a very dark closet similar to a dark abyss, adding a light might make the closet seem bigger. You don’t have to install new lights, you can just stick one to the wall. I recommend the Dewenwils wireless LED set. You can attach it to your wall or any surface, and the light comes with remote control, a dimming feature, and a setting timer (costs about $20).

Use the floors, doors, and the upper shelf:

Many people hang clothes in their closet where their clothes hang down and their floor is completely unused as well as the upper shelf. If you want to maximize your closet, you want to maybe put a box or a divider. You want to try and keep things as organized as possible so you know where everything is. Clothes on the hanger, boots/shoes on the floor, and bags on the shelf are a good layout. You can also set up hooks on the closet door to hang jewelry or more clothes. If you have sliding doors, this might not work.

Only use the closet for clothing, shoes, bags, and pants:

Many people use the custom closet to shove lots of useless junk into storage. If you want to maximize space in the closet, remove everything except what a closet is meant to be used for. I recommend that even useful things non-clothing-related should go. Move it somewhere else but it doesn’t have to be thrown out. Keeping the closet clean, simple, and efficient like this can maximize a lot of space. It also might be worth going through your clothes every few months to see what you need. For example, if winters around the corner, you might want to put ski pants or winter-related clothing ready to grab.

Maintain the space:

It is very easy to fill this space all over again once you clear it out. It can be a challenge not to bring in anything else when there is empty space there. When you are at your desired capacity, I recommend that if you bring something new into the closet, take something out. This helps maintain the space.