Do you love your home crafts? During the COVID-19 epidemic, home crafts have certainly flourished. More of us than ever before are taking a keen interest in crafts of all kinds. In many ways, it would appear that crafting is something that hs been missing out of our lives.

Are you thinking about putting together your own craft room? In that case, craft room organization is probably high on your agenda. We know that it is becoming a popular topic, so we have put together a mini-guide to craft room organization.

Storage Space Matters!

One thing that is very important when it comes to crafting, is storage. Most crafters know that when you do crafts, you end up with a lot of material that you have to store.

Fortunately, most craft materials are lightweight. Your storage options could include wicker baskets and cupboards. Both are lightweight whilst fitting in easily in your craft room. If you are shooting for that slightly boohoo look, you simply can’t go wrong with wicker.

Do I Need Shelves?

Shelves are also essential when it comes to the organization of your craft room. They let you store materials within easy reach of your workstation.

When you are working on certain projects, shelves are a great place to store unfinished projects. Once you have completed a project, you can display it on your shelf.

Also, if you are selling your finished craft projects on sites such as Facebook and Etsy, photographing materials displayed on shelves look really great.

What About Your Work Station?

Needless to say, you also need to organize your workstation. If you engage in several different crafts, a good solution to organizational problems is to have a side table.

For instance, when you are not using your sewing machine, you can place it on the table while you get on with another project.

Should you buy a small or large workstation? To achieve the best organizational results, it is best to buy the largest workstation that you can fit into your craft room. It makes keeping things organized much easier.

Some home crafters opt for different workstations in various locations in the room. It is a good idea but uses up storage space.

Keeping Materials Out Of The Sunlight

When the sun beats down on craft materials such as fabrics, it can easily cause them to fade. You need to make sure that you can put away materials that risk being damaged by the sun.

Once again, this is where storage units come in handy. If you can’t fit in cupboards, using boxes is the perfect alternative. You can put them away when you are about to finish for the day.

Don’t Forget About Your Coffee!

In our experience, all home crafters like a drink of tea or coffee while they work. “Drinking on the job” is associated with spillages and even burns.

When you plan your workstation, make sure that you have a safe area where you can put your coffee. You really don’t want to risk it ending up all over a customer’s order.

The more you pre-plan your craft room using your organization skills, the more pleasure you will get out of your crafts.