We all know what closets are for but few know how to optimize the space or layout for ultimate storage. Just for you, I’m going to reveal some simple and effective but often overlooked hacks to make the most of your precious closet space.

Item Categorization

To truly get the most out of your closet layout, you first need to consider what you’re going to be putting in there. If you just throw things in, you’ll lose lots of space and quite rapidly.

Consider the size, weight, and quantity of the items you’re going to be putting in the closet. This is going to help you make the most of the layout. If you’ve got several pairs of shoes, think about the best place and position in the closet you can put them for easy reach while using as little space as possible. The same goes for boxing…


If you’ve got a lot of small items, say children’s toys or make-up accessories, box them up. Instead of scattering them all over the shelves, boxing them will maximize the space in your closet. A simple trainer box can reduce space usage and increase the effectiveness of the layout for neat storage and easy retrieval.


Not all closets have shelves, so while taking item categorization into consideration, put some shelves up. Floating shelves are usually better alternatives since they are minimalist and reduce the amount of space used in the overall layout. Remember to check the weight they can withstand because you don’t want to put 10kg dumbbell plates on a shelf that can only take 5kg. Wall strength is also something you should consider, but adding shelves overall will help you consider and manage the overall layout. If it’s big enough.

Hang Rails

Hang rails are an important feature in most closets, but their placement is crucial to effective layout management. Are you going to be boxing and hanging clothes? If so, measure the length and width of the walls and then play about with a rail to see where you can fit it best to make the most of the closet space while not having to battle your garments to reach for the boxes. This is why closet layout planning is a must. If it’s for linen and garments, consider placing the linen above the garments. This helps prevent your fresh sheets from catching lint or dust coming off your clothes.


How big is your closet? Are you going to be putting a lot of items in there? If quite big and it’s a yes to the latter, you’re going to need bright light (60watts or above) to see and manage the layout properly, otherwise, the closet interior will get messy in no time because you’re not going to be able to see properly and things are going to get mixed up.

These are the simple hacks to planning your custom closet layout. Taking into consideration what you plan to put in there is the principle behind all closet layouts, Once you’ve got a good idea of that, the rest falls into place rather easily.