Seven Things To Do With Unwanted Clothes

You don’t realize how many unwanted clothes you have until you clean out your entire wardrobe. You can also find the ones that you had almost forgotten that you own in the first place. Sounds funny, isn’t it? So, what will you do with the clothes that are taking up space in your closet? Here are seven helpful tips to get rid of them without having to throw them out.

1) Donate

While you have many clothes that you don’t want to wear, there are people out there who don’t have anything to wear at all, and donating is a great idea. Look for some charities and foundations available in your area where you can turn your old clothes over. Or you can simply give them out to friends or anyone you think may need them. In that way, you are able to help, at the same time, you get rid of your unwanted clothes.

2) Sell

If you don’t want to give them out for free, or you prefer to make money off of them, then you can resell them. You can have a garage sale at your place, and of course, the price would vary according to the quality. You may get a better deal for unused and barely used clothing. You can also offer a “take-all” price.

3) Repair to a New Style

If you regret letting go of your old clothes and want to be creative, why not make a “DIY” outfit out of those. Make sexy shorts out of your jeans, A crop top out of a blouse, a skirt out of a shirt, and so on. It’s popular now that many tutorials are available on YouTube. You can either follow them or come up with your own ideas to create the most fashionable outfit possible.

4) Swap

Swapping with friends, family, or roommates could not only help you get rid of your unwanted clothes but also let you get some new clothes for free. I’m sure you and your friends will agree on which clothes to swap, particularly if you have similar fashion tastes.

5) Make Trendy Headbands

Instead of buying trendy headbands in supermarkets, why not make your own? Your unused clothes can make many of them that you can style your own. You can even create a variety of colors to match your daily outfits. You may also put on beads and other designs.

6) Recycle

If none of the options above appeal to you, you can get them recycled instead. The number of textiles thrown away and ending up in landfills is increasing every year, and recycling will help us reduce this. You may bring or give old clothes to several companies that recycle and upcycle textiles. In this way, you can help save the environment.

7) Send Back To Manufacturer

In addition to recycling, some fashion brands and manufacturers have Textile Recycling Programs that allow you to send back their products for recycling. Examples are Levi’s, H&M, Zara, and many more. Most of them give discounts on your next purchase after giving back their old item.