A kitchen island is an important feature that’s both visually pleasing and functional. It provides more area for food preparation and function for that extra space in the middle of your kitchen. Here are the top kitchen island ideas, for your inspiration.

Two-Tiered Kitchen Island

It is a design that can create visual interest in your kitchen island. The style has two different levels that separate the eating space from the work area. It is a functional and stylish approach to this valuable feature. The lower tier of the island is intended for food preparation while the higher tier serves as a comfortable dining place. This type of kitchen island does not only creates dimension but also keeps the eating space neat and presentable.

Cooktop Kitchen Island

If you find yourself frequently hosting dinners, then the cooktop kitchen island might be the best design for you. As a host, you need to be warm to your guests but it can become quite challenging if you have to cook the food for them. It means that you have to spend part of your time cooking so that everyone can enjoy a sumptuous meal. With a cooktop kitchen island, you can face your guests and cook at the same time.

Sink Kitchen Island

A sink kitchen island has become a hot commodity and it’s easy to see why. Dishwashing is the dullest chore of all but delaying it would only allow the bacteria to grow and spread in your utensils. Having your sink installed on the kitchen island is a proven way to prevent those dishes from accumulating. The kitchen island provides you a lot of views and things to look at while you’re washing the dishes. When the chore is less boring, the easier it gets done.

Cabinet Kitchen Island

If you feel that you have a need for extra storage, then select a kitchen island idea that will perform this function. This simple design can provide you a kitchen workspace that can keep the essentials within your reach. You can customize it with built-in cabinets or drawers to fit your needs. If you plan to design your own cabinet kitchen island, it would help if you first identify your storage requirement. This design is a great opportunity to get extra space for dishes, tableware, spices, vegetables, and even wines. Also, if you have an antique or heirloom cabinet just hiding in your attic, you can give it a new purpose and have it refurbished. Aged furniture turned into a kitchen island would be a unique take on this important home feature.

Portable Kitchen Island

This is an ingenious kitchen island idea for those who have no space to spare for this feature. Having a workspace can impact your food preparation in a positive way. With a portable kitchen island, you can have a workspace that’s not confined to a particular area. The most important aspect of this design is its movability. If you choose to repurpose a table to create this portable design, you can add rollers to each leg so that you can set it aside easily after use.