The kitchen is one of the most dangerous areas in the house and keeping it safe should be a priority for every homeowner. Keep your kitchen safe with these five easy steps below.

1. Adequate Lighting

Providing adequate lighting in your kitchen room will lessen the chance of any kitchen-related injury. Increase the visibility in your kitchen, especially on work surfaces by installing task lighting. Light valances are easy to install fixtures that you can place under your cabinets to maintain kitchen safety and efficiency while cooking. A cabinet valance is an ideal lighting fixture that you can add since it provides an indirect light that can remove glare. Ensuring that there is no glare light in your kitchen is important because it is one of the known hazards in a kitchen environment. This light can scatter in the eye causing you to lose the contrast vision necessary to help you identify objects. On top of that, cabinet valance will also provide you adequate lighting without producing any shadows on your workspace.

2. Invest in Fire Extinguisher

Kitchen fires are one of the most common types of fire which makes providing a fire extinguisher in your kitchen a worthy investment. It will allow you to put out kitchen fires easily and prevent them from spreading to your home. A room exit would be the best location to store your fire extinguisher to ensure that it is accessible and visible if a fire occurs. Do not place your extinguisher near your cooking units which are the most likely sources of kitchen fire because you may not be able to access it easily once the fire occurs.

3. Stop Slips in your Kitchen Floor

Grease and other kitchen contaminants can cause your kitchen floors to be slippery and may lead to accidents that you can avoid. Regular cleaning using the right cleanser is important to free your kitchen floors from these slippery contaminants. If you’re planning to build or renovate your kitchen, consider installing a slip-resistant flooring material with a matte finish. To provide a solution on slippery kitchen floors, add some safety mats with nonskid backing.

4. Install Knife Drawer

Keeping your knives sharpened is one of the easiest ways to promote kitchen safety but storage plays an important role as well. A knife drawer is the safest place to store your knives and other sharp objects in your kitchen. Counters are not an ideal place to store your knives because they can fall over and cause accidents. Installing knife drawers will not only allow you more space to perform kitchen tasks but also maximize kitchen safety.

5. Eliminate Sharp Corners

If you’re building your own dream home, then you have the advantage to design your countertops and islands using rounded edges on every corner. Eliminating sharp corners from wood edges can be done easily by using sandpaper. However, if you have a countertop that’s built with other materials, sandpaper will simply not do. To eliminate these sharp edges and avoid accidents, especially for children, you can install corner guards. These products come in different designs and materials that will fit your preference and needs.