The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) located in Phoenix, Arizona is a very unique and wonderful museum. The museum which opened in 2010 is the largest museum of its kind anywhere in the world. The Musical Instrument Museum features over 15,000 musical instruments and artifacts from close to 200 countries all over the globe. This museum itself is modern and the architecture is beautiful to observe on its own.

The mission of the MIM is to enrich our world by collecting, preserving, and making accessible an astonishing variety of rare and novel musical instruments and performance videos from every country. The museum offers guests an engaging and fun experience, through interactive technology, dynamic programming, and exceptional musical performances. This museum is for anyone with an appreciation of the world’s diverse cultures. The exhibits, galleries, and performances, found within the museum help show how we innovate, adapt, and learn from each other to create music.

Inside the museum, there is a featured restaurant Café Allegro, where you can sit down for a quick bite to eat. On top of galleries and exhibits the Musical Instrument Museum has a large room for live performances where events and concerts are performed. The concert room has incomparable acoustics and is a really magical place to see a live show. The MIM is a must-visit museum in Phoenix, Arizona.

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