Kitchen safety is a number one priority when preparing food, but it’s easy to forget some simple practices when caught up in the hubbub of daily life. Here is a short yet simple list of things to do to improve kitchen safety.

Knife Safety

It may seem like a no-brainer but sometimes we all forget just how dangerous a simple kitchen knife can be, alongside preparation knives. To prevent accidental injury with kitchen knives, try and get ones with covers first and foremost and keep them in the covers when not in use. Additionally, don’t leave them close to the kitchen side where they can be easily knocked off.

Stove Spillage Safety

One of the most common causes of burns and injuries in the kitchen is from pots or pans left in a foolhardy position on the stove. That’s to say, when using a pot or pan on the stove, turn the pot or pan so the handle is pointing towards the wall and not towards you. It is all too easy to collar the handle when moving past and knocking the pot or pan off the stove and all over you.

Cleaning Chemical Safety

If you’re like most people, you will keep cleaning chemicals under the kitchen sink. Keeping them on the ground makes them easily accessible to children and could result in accidental ingestion. If you can, keep your cleaning supplies in a cupboard that’s higher up in the kitchen and if that’s not something you can do, put a lock on the cupboard.

Also, don’t mix chemicals. Even some of the most commonly available kitchen cleaners can make dangerous gasses when mixed with others. Keep them separate and in secure containers or bottles. If it breaks or leaks, replace it ASAP.

Trip & Slip Safety

Tripping is another common accident that occurs in the kitchen, either because of poor floor maintenance or clutter. Now and again, have a good look at the condition of the floor and fix any areas that stick up or cause sticking. The last thing you want is to be carrying a hot pan of something and trip over loose flooring.

To prevent slips in the kitchen, thoroughly mop down the area and then dry it off. Some people will ignore spills on the floor and that is the first instance an accident is bound to happen. If you really want to go the extra mile in kitchen safety, instead of putting down traditional linoleum, install cafe-grade anti-slip flooring. It may cost extra but if you do get spillages, the material will help prevent slipping.

Electrical Safety

It’s surprising how many people still overload sockets in a kitchen. If you need to use more than what you are able to plug in, buy an extension lead and not a two plug extension adapter. Two plug extension adapters are known for overheating and can cause some nasty kitchen fires because when they get too hot they can melt. The metal in the plug can also get too hot and cause surging. Stick with an extension lead but only insert the items you need to use.

Fire Safety

Another no-brainer is to have a fire blanket and a small fire extinguisher installed in the kitchen. A small spark can cause a fire to spread rapidly in a kitchen and these items can save your life and your home or establishment if it even comes to pass.