Storing your stuff can at first inclination appear difficult or challenging if you lack adequate storage space in a room or building, but with these handy tips, you should find it a lot easier to make space and use storage effectively.

Clothes Storage

If your room is too small for a wardrobe and/or a chest of drawers when you want to store your clothes, try using clothes storage hampers. Hampers are easily stored on the floor and readily accessible, Most hampers come in a variety of sizes and of various materials from wood to fabric, but they are useful in keeping dust, lint, and smells off your clothes. They also help you keep your room neat, clean, and tidy.

Alcoves & Niches

If you have a room with alcoves and/or niches, you can use this space for storage instead of it standing empty. This is a particularly effective method if you lack conventional storage space in a premise. Try measuring the alcove or niche and putting shelves up or placing a table or shelving unit there to make the best of it. And, if you want to get real decor savvy, add a lamp for a nice ambient touch at night.

Baskets & Upcycling Boxes

Another way to store your stuff is using baskets, and if you’re really hard-pressed or don’t fancy forking out for baskets, you can always upcycle boxes. Small boxes and baskets are great for keeping toiletries or cleaning supplies grouped together and isolated from other items. It’s a particularly effective solution if you have limited cupboard space and don’t want to be raving through a load of stuff to find what you need. Go a step further by labeling your boxes so you can easily identify what you need when you need it.

Compartment Hangers

If you lack space for whatever reason and don’t want to stash things on a floor or in a box, a compartment hanger may be the answer you’re looking for. Compartment hangers are usually made of fabric and have a coat hanger so you can hang it up in a wardrobe or on the back of a door, the multiple pocketed compartments providing a number of sections to stash different items. They can be used for anything from underwear to tool storage.

Food Storage

The bulkiest part of food is the packaging – you know that makes sense – so opt-in for some containers. Containers remove the bulk and keep food nicely packed away, especially when you have reduced storage in a cupboard or fridge. It’s a particularly good idea to do this with foods that usually take up large amounts of room like rice, pasta, oats, and so on.

These handy tips should help you make the most of storing your stuff but get creative because there are more ways to store your stuff than is listed here. Upcycling and repurposing items like broken bookcases and household items are an inexpensive way to meet your storage needs so you don’t always need to purchase new units or storage items to stash your stuff.