Some may see an extra closet space as a pesky, unwanted place in their home, when in fact, the opposite is true! Yes, empty closet spaces have tons of potential. With just a little creativity and know-how, that spare space makes for an incredible addition to your house for any kind of use. Here are some of the best extra custom closet space ideas for you to transform your home:

1) Kid’s Hideaway

If you have children, extra closet space can act as the ultimate place for adventure. If the closet space has shelves, consider putting a pillow or two and a blanket on the bottom shelf. Paint the walls a darker hue and put in a fun-colored light and a child can feel as though they are in another universe, all in the space of a closet! This is the perfect idea for kids who love to snuggle up with a book or who like to nap in cool, dark places.

2) Vanity

Do you want to feel like a princess in your own closet? Consider utilizing the space as a DIY vanity. Install a mirror in the space and a small shelf to place all jewelry, makeup, and other accessories on top. Pull up a chair and take all the time you need to glamor up without feeling the pressure of having to get ready quickly in the bathroom.

3) Nursery

Babies, though small, end up taking up a lot of room! If you want a space that is just for your baby but doesn’t have it anywhere else in the house, consider turning that extra closet area into a makeshift nursery. You can place the crib inside and put in some shelves to hold baby items, toys, and diapers. You can also get creative and paint the walls a fun, baby-themed color or design to give it that genuine nursery feel.

4) DIY Office

Do you work from home but can’t seem to find a quiet place to get work done? Consider turning your closet space into a truly quiet and compact office just for you. Install a small desk inside where you can set your laptop or other work materials, throw in a chair and close the door for that peace you have been looking for.

5) Craft Space

If you or someone in your house is big on arts and crafts but isn’t sure where to put all of their supplies and tools, you now have the ideal place! By installing some shelves or cupboards in the extra closet space, you now have a place to organize all of your tools in one place rather than throughout the house. You can also use those artsy skills to decorate the closet in a fun and decorative way!

Yes, extra closet spaces don’t have to be a nuisance in your home any longer. For any kind of interest, passion, or household, you will find a use for that extra space. All it takes is a little imagination and motivation!