Are you wanting to make your small kitchen look bigger but not sure where to start? We have the solution and it’s easier than you think, nor is it expensive.

Steel and Natural Light

One of the best ways to make a small kitchen look bigger is by introducing lots of natural light. However, small kitchens more often than not have small windows so natural light only goes so far.

This is where steel surfaces come into play. Steel reflects light and bounces it around the room, making it appear bigger than it actually is. If you don’t have stainless steel surfaces don’t fret. You can get self-adhesive reflective sticky-backed plastic that has the appearance of steel and can be applied to cupboards and work surfaces. Alternatively, you can use mirrors to also reflect light.

Gloomy Kitchens

If you have a small kitchen that is naturally gloomy, to make it appear bigger, pick a gloomy color. This may seem counterintuitive but using bright colors in a gloomy room will create conflict between light and dark and this actually makes rooms appear smaller.

Picking a gloomy color for a gloomy room utilizes natural elements and when they are in balance, creates the visual perception where the walls are pushed out, thus making the room bigger.

Patterned Interior

A brilliant way to add depth to a kitchen is to add patterned wallpaper. Blending it with bold color paint maximizes the effect of depth creation.

Patterned wallpaper, to get the best depth for a small kitchen, is best kept at the top of the wall or to use a wall border. This is because it’s at eye height, calling attention to the pattern rather than the room itself. The more complex or intricate the pattern’s design, the more depth it will provide.

Patterns work particularly well with gloomy rooms with complimenting gloomy colors as it reduces the harsh disposition the color creates in the room. So if you find yourself with a gloomy small kitchen and use a darker color, offset it with a dark pattern on a light background to create a more balanced influence.

Bold Colors

When trying to increase the visual aspect of size with a small kitchen, bold colors are best for supplementing the dimension in our visual range. Like with gloomy rooms, the same principle applies when decorating rooms with lots of natural light: choose light or pastel colors.

White is a good choice to use but sometimes can make a room too bland, so try for pastel colors like lilac, blue or green. They add character to a room, especially when designing a kitchen to compliment other items in the room such as cupboards or appliances.

Making a small kitchen appear larger than what it is is only a struggle if you don’t understand how colors and light work in tandem, but with the above tips on decorating ideas you should now have some positive inspiration on how to get that extra dimension in your kitchen by choosing the right color for the right outcome.