If you are a closet lover, you surely want it to be a quiet and comfortable area, in which you feel at ease. Therefore, lighting will play a key role in making it look extraordinary and be a great place for you.

With simple touches, you will be able to achieve wonderful results, making your custom closet a wonderful place. So if you follow these steps, you’ll get the most out of it.

1. Boost natural light

As we indicated above, light is key to your closet, so the best light you can use is natural light. Therefore, if you have windows in the closet, you have to take advantage of these entrances of light. So if you decide to place curtains in front of the windows, the best option is to choose light colors that allow the sun to pass through and allow the place to be illuminated.

2. Use neutral light

And as it is not very common that a closet has windows, we must look for other options to illuminate the environment, and an excellent way is to use light as close as possible to sunlight. And for this reason, the best option is to imitate it with a neutral light color, the site should be illuminated with this light that manages to avoid the shadows.

With this kind of light, you will always be able to observe the colors in a better way and verify correctly how the garments will look once you can go out to the street light. We do not recommend that you place very intense or very warm lights because these lights will make your clothes exhibit a different color than the one they really have.

3. Go for light colors

A technique to make your closet look brighter is to choose neutral and light colors, both for the walls and the furniture. Colors such as beige, pastel, white, yellow, and pink will make your closet look much bigger than it is, with this, you will gain more space and more light in a simple way.

4. Place several lights

Having a single light to illuminate your closet is not the best option. Therefore, the idea is to place several points of lights you can even move, the best choice being the adjustable recessed spotlights. This allows the flow of light can be directed to the inside of your closet illuminating your clothes.

These lights should be placed at most one meter away from your closet, but always avoiding all kinds of shadows and lights. The idea is that there is always harmony with the lighting. This type of spotlights is perfect because they are discreet and small, do not generate any kind of discomfort, and can be placed in various parts of the room, resulting in the entire environment is well lit without the need for extra lamps.

5. LED strips, an easy option

If you are one of the people who do not have an electrical installation that gives you the possibility of adding recessed spotlights, the best way to illuminate your closet is with self-adhesive and flexible LED strips. This type of installation is very simple, you just have to have a plug available nearby, so you can connect them. These LED lights are white, an excellent choice because they do not emit heat and provide a neutral tone.

Thus, with just a few simple steps, you can turn your closet into an environment with excellent lighting where you can feel very comfortable.