Is your closet a cluttered mess? Have you given up on trying to tame the chaos? Well, there are ways that you can bring some sense of order to your custom closet, and with a bit of effort, you’ll be able to keep it up as well. Keeping up with closet organization will allow you to find your clothes much quicker, saving you time.

Get Rid of Things You No Longer Use

Before you do anything, start with purging out the space. Get rid of all clothing that you either no longer need, use, or that longer fits. The less that you have in your closet, the easier it will be to keep it tamed. Did you move to a new climate and no longer need a full winter wardrobe? Have you lost or gained weight? Are you clinging to clothes that are old, worn out, stained, or otherwise unsuitable for wear? Now’s the time to clear it all out. If you don’t wear it, clear it out. You can easily donate or sell used clothing.

Categorize and Color-Coordinate Your Clothes

With all of that clutter removed, move on to organizing your clothing. Start with categorizing clothing out. Sort them by formality and type of clothing. Then, sort each category of clothing by color. With this organization scheme, you get the ease of finding what you need so much quicker. You’ll be able to turn to the type of clothing you need and then select by color for easy matching.

Hang the Delicates and Fancy Clothes

Some clothes are best kept folded while others should be hung up for easy storage. By storing your clothes the correct way, you’ll prevent clutter and keep everything clean. Delicate clothing, such as silk or other fabrics that may crease, or fancy clothing, like dresses and suits, should be hung up in your closet. Most other clothes can be folded.

Fold and Stack Thicker Items

If you have room for shelving in your closet, folding them is a great way to keep your thicker items, like sweaters and denim, put away. Plus, by stacking them up vertically, you will be able to see what each item is, rather than having to dig through stacks in a drawer, disturbing everything.

Roll and Store Thinner Items

You can also store decorative bins in your closet and use them to roll and store those thinner items, such as t-shirts, underwear, and gym clothing. This gets them stored easily and sorted out as well without the clutter or messes. By using nice bins, you combine stylishness with functionality.

Go Vertical

Don’t let vertical space go unused– use it to hang your accessories. Scarves can all fit onto hangers, and you can hang up any jewelry, ties, belts, necklaces, or other similar items. You keep your accessories easily accessible when you are picking out your clothes, creating a sort of one-stop-shop in the morning so you don’t have to spend extra time hunting down the right belt or necklace.