Are you getting ready to remodel your kitchen? Ensuring that every element of your kitchen helps to improve satisfaction with the end results. But, if you’ve never designed a kitchen before, you might not realize that there are small details that you need to plan for so everything comes together nicely. That’s why you’ll want to avoid forgetting the details we’re about to go over.

The Backsplash

While not strictly necessary for functionality, a backsplash polishes up the look of your kitchen while also preventing damage to the wall from grease spatter or other kitchen messes. If you haven’t considered one, you may want to in order to get that nice finished look.

Storage Layouts

While you might think that the design of your storage looks great, is it functional? You might have a great, big window by your sink, but do you have cabinet space to put away clean dishes? How far from the dishwasher will you have to go to put things away? Is there room for cooking utensils and pots and pans near the oven and stove? Before anything is set in stone, make sure that you have convenient, functional storage plans.

Appliance Space

If there’s one thing that people complain about in their kitchens, it’s lacking space for smaller appliances. Do you have a stand mixer and a big blender that you use all the time? It’s usually easier to keep them out on the counter, but that requires having ample counter space to avoid eating into food prep areas. Plan accordingly with all of your favorite counter appliances accounted for.

The Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen triangle refers to the spacing between your sink, your refrigerator, and your oven. You will mostly be going between these three locations, They need to be close enough together to be convenient, but far enough apart that you have space to pull dishes out of the oven and set them down. There also shouldn’t be anything that may impede your movement as well, such as an island that is a bit too close to the oven.

Landing Space

Landing space is the counter space surrounding an appliance. You will want counter space near your sink for dishes that have been washed and set out to dry, for example. Generally, it’s recommended that you have between 12 and 15 inches around the stove with an additional 18 to 24 inches around the sink.

Outlet Layouts

While it’s important to plan your counters wisely for countertop appliances, many people forget to also include enough outlets to actually use that countertop space. They tend to remember the important outlets for the stove or the fridge, but forget about their coffeemaker and slow cooker.

Trash Can Placement

Finally, don’t forget the trash can! Whether built into the cabinetry or set aside underneath a bar or next to a counter, it needs to be somewhere conveniently accessible without being in the way. Planning where it will go before the remodel helps with organization and efficiency.