If you are one of those people who is still unsure about what clothes you should hang and which ones you should fold, don’t worry because that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this article so that you’ll finally get the answer to that question.

Clothes To Hang

1. Flowy Fabrics

Anything that is composed of flowy fabrics belongs on a hanger, including clothes made from chiffon, silk, or any other ‘flowy’ materials like dresses or blouses.

2. Linen

Linen is known for becoming wrinkled and that’s why it is more preferable to hang linen pieces in the custom closet. By doing so, you can prevent any unnecessary creases. Linen almost always requires ironing in order to look its best. So certainly hang them,

3. Pants

While jeans don’t really need to have a place in the closet, you should certainly plan to hang any other kind of pants (such as dressier slacks). You should always hang casual pants the long way or even fold over a hanger.


If you want to prevent your blouses from having creases and wrinkles, you need to keep them on the hanger as it will eliminate any major wrinkles.

5. Jackets

Jackets are quite large pieces, so in case you try folding them and putting them in the dresser, it can cause wrinkles as well as potential damage to a structure of a piece. Furthermore, they may monopolize most of the space too. So any kind of jacket needs to be hung, including blazers, outwear, and jean jackets.

6. Most Dresses

Most of the dresses need vertical space in a walk-in, so for the most part, dresses should be hung. The exception can be heavy dresses of any kind, especially heavy sweater dresses.

Clothes To Fold

1. Thick Sweaters

Fold them as they can preserve the structural integrity of sweaters as well as save space in a closet. Chunky sweaters typically should be folded.

2. Activewear

Workout tops, yoga pants, activewear, and simply anything you wear to a gym should be folded since otherwise they may get stretched out and wonky.

3. Shorts

While it’s not really necessary for you to fold shorts, you don’t have any reason to hang them either, but it’s still better to fold them.

Clothes To Hang Or Fold

1. T-Shirts

Depending on the space and personal preference, some clothing items may be hung or folded and t-shirts are exactly such clothing items.

2. Scarves

Scarves can be rolled, folded, or hung. It just depends on the scarf’s size. Bigger scarves usually act as shawls which means that they should be folded as that is much easier for something of that size. As for the small scarves, you can fold them and store them in drawers or the container. Or you can hang them if you prefer.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what to fold and what to hang, all you have to do now is to start getting to it, ensuring that every clothing piece will be kept in its best shape.